British APCO (BAPCO) logoThis year British APCO is looking to recognise achievements within the area of public safety communications by presenting awards within the following three significant areas:

• Operational Service Delivery
To recognise an individual/team within a public safety organisation that has taken innovative steps in the use of communications technology to enhance the operational public safety environment. Examples may include:
• A product intended for one purpose and adopted for use for something different.
• Innovative use of technology to save life and/or property or to deliver some other significant achievement.
• Innovating technology development through driving commercial sector thinking.

• ICT support
To recognise an individual/team within a public safety organisation that has made significant contribution or innovation in the introduction or use of technology to enhance the delivery of public safety communications. It may include areas such as:
• Bringing together operational users and the commercial sector in effective or innovative ways.
• Providing outstanding technical expertise or innovation to drive and deliver public safer communications.

• Commercial Sector
This award will recognise an individual, team or company that has made a significant contribution to enhancing public safety communications. This will include areas of technology that support voice, data, resource/demand management, GIS or any other appropriate area that supports the work operational communications. This can include environments from call handling through control rooms, to ground operations and associated command. The technology/work recommended for the award could relate to supporting spontaneous or pre-planned events. It may include areas such as:
• A new product or service
• Enhancing an existing product or service
• Collaborating positively with each another or other suppliers to provide products or services.

None of these lists are exhaustive, but the essence of each award is aimed at excellence in the appropriate field of work. Benefits should be tangible and demonstrable within the twelve months prior to the application being submitted and which have delivered any or all of the following:
• Life and/or property saved or similar significant achievement
• Financial savings
• Enhanced customer service
• Business process improvement
• Internal service benefit

Nominating for an award
British APCO is looking for suitable individuals and/or teams to be nominated for the three awards set out above. Nominations are welcome from third parties. Please contact Tracey via email in the first instance –

Closing date is Friday 24th January 2014.

A panel of representatives from the Association’s operational, ICT and commercial members will scrutinise the entries.

Sasha Taylor
British APCO

Final Call for Nominations for British APCO Awards 2014
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