Successful events don’t happen by magic. They take vision, careful planning, teamwork, goodwill, and lots of hard work. They also need funding, as the bills don’t pay themselves.

We are very lucky – and grateful – to have some regular sponsors which enables us to begin planning the next event, but we are always looking for additional sponsors to help us to do more. Sponsorship helps us cover basic costs like venue, food, drinks (teas and coffees), facilitation, and prizes or giveaways like T-shirts or mugs for all attendees.

We are looking for longer term supporters to help us do more in the future.

We want everyone to be happy – we can’t make BlueLightCamp happen without the support of organisations like yours and, as a sponsor of BlueLightCamp, you will have the opportunity to meet and engage with representatives from all UK blue light services and those who work with them.

We are revamping our sponsorship package, but here’s a quick summary from previous years:

£500 – entry level sponsorship get you mentioned in publicity, at the event as one of our sponsors, an area for you to set up marketing material in the main hall and your logo on event merchandise (like t-shirts).

£1,000 – including all of the above, and also a slot on the day to present your organisation to those interested.

£1,500 – main sponsors including all of the above but this will enable us to continue with the BlueLightCamp initiative throughout the year and you will be promoted as a valued partner on all future events.

Individual sponsorship packages could include a combination of several of the following:

  • T-shirt sponsorship
  • Text ads/links from
  • ‘Cheery hellos’: special slots for you to identify yourself at the start of the day
  • Giveaways: inclusion of your items in goodie bags at the event
  • Post-event drinks: be the most popular folks in the pub
  • Something else? Talk to us!