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The top five things to bring to BlueLightCamp


1. Yourself


“Well, obviously”

you’re probably thinking.

We mean bring all of you. Bring your knowledge and experience. Bring your uncertainties and your questions. Bring your energy and positivity. Bring your cynicism and scepticism

This is not an ordinary conference where a bunch of speakers have been assembled based on some arbitrary rules known only to the conference organiser. BlueLightCamp is all about you. You will shape the agenda, you might become part of the agenda. But without you it will be different, and, let’s face it, probably not as good.


2) A problem

You know the old quote

“Bring me solutions not problems”.

Ignore it.

If there’s something you’re trying to get done and you don’t know how to make it happen or if there’s an idea you’ve had and you want to test it out or there’s something you think needs fixing bring it.

Bring it to BlueLightCamp and watch while people from across the country and across services help you turn it into a magnificent solution.


3) A thing you are proud of

Don’t be shy. If you’ve done something cool that people could learn from, bring it.

Selling usually doesn’t work at BlueLightCamp but sharing goes down tremendously well.


4) A computer

BlueLightCamp is for people who love emergency services or emergency response and what to make it better. It’s not just for geeks.

That said having a laptop handy will help you keep in touch online. And there will be lots of people pointing you to lots of great inspiration online.

Plus there will be quite a lot of geeks and laptops make them feel better.


5) A friend

The more people who come to BlueLightCamp, the greater the diversity of experience and perspectives. The greater the diversity, the better the outcomes.

So if you know someone who should be at BlueLightCamp, encourage them to come.

They will not regret it.

Five things to bring to BlueLightCamp
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