Over the last couple of months Mark and I have had many people ask us when BlueLightCamp will be this year so that they can fix the date and location in their diaries.

Meeting with OSWell the wait is over! After a productive meeting with key and enthusiastic people from the venue we have found a location that matches our ambitions for BlueLightCamp 2014 …. Ordnance Survey HQ.

(Creative planning meeting with Chris Parker, Ian Holt, Mark Braggins, Sasha Taylor, Andy Clark, Gillian Blake, Dan Cooper and John Goodwin)

So the location is the wonderful new Ordnance Survey building seen below…

OS HQ entranceOS HQ entrance 2We are still confirming which weekend is best for the event but it will either be the 10/11 May or the 7/8 June so get it in your diaries…and we are still working on some surprises 🙂

BlueLightCamp 2014 has a venue
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