BlueLightCamp was born as an idea by Sasha (@sasha_taylor) from the ashes of an online #nhssms discussion in relation to how social media was being used during the 2011 disorders in some UK cities.

Early in 2012 Sasha contacted other social media experts to form the founding group:

Initial supporters of the new idea included

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BlueLightCamp aims to priovide an unconference style setting for UK, Frontline, Blue Light Services and those who work with them to discuss their experiences, hints, tips and best practice in using social media to engage with stakeholders. It will be taking place at Manchester Central on Sunday 15th April 2012, before the British APCO Annual Exhibition and Development Sessions 2012

We have 170 places for this event, tickets are totally free, thanks to support from our kind sponsors and sign-up is open to all Blue Light Services including, but not limited to:

  • Fire Services;
  • Police Authorities;
  • Ambulance Services;
  • Coastguards; and
  • Front-line Social Care Providers.

Join us… Sign up at our Eventbrite page at