Christine Townsend
Christine Townsend: Founder and CEO of MusterPoint

MusterPoint is proud to sponsor Blue Light Camp for the third year running.

It’s these grass roots, innovative events that bring people together who would otherwise not get a voice or an opportunity to be creative in their respective roles in the organisations in which they work.

MusterPoint came about because of Blue Light Camp – and a desire to shake things up, solve a problem and look for alternatives.

Since I first started MusterPoint – a scribbled drawing on a piece of paper and a frightening combination of naivety and ambition – it has now achieved first round start up funding and we have a team of ten people working together to take it to the next level.

This doesn’t mean we’ll be entering the upper echelons of silicon valley billion dollar takeovers and scooting around on our segways whilst wittering into our Apple Watch – it just means we can provide a better solution to all those annoying, frustrating and tricky problems that are unique to the emergency services in the digital space.

It also means we can (hopefully) foster new ideas that wouldn’t otherwise get to be heard for all the traffic on the silicon roundabout of Shoreditch.

Reflecting on what has happened in the last three years, and everything comes back to Blue Light Camp – meeting people like me who had a passion for digital, enabling social good through tech, opening up what the emergency services did and ensuring that the public had a different view of who worked together to keep them safe has made me realise that the key is about sticking to that ethos.

I have worked in a media capacity on major incidents, difficult reputational risk issues and have been privy to some of the most historical and media-worthy events in recent history. I have worked for a number of police forces and in central Government and I have also been at the operational end of strategy and policy as a Special Constable.

I am incredibly lucky and am grateful for the fact that this has given me a wonderful insight into the challenges that are faced by people like me on a daily basis. Now I am in a position with MusterPoint to work towards making things that little bit easier.

The challenges, which are there to overcome, only make us seek answers to questions and solutions to problems.

To me, these events are not about giving up your weekend to work – they are about making the most of your weekend to meet like-minded people who get it. They are about enabling, exploring, challenging and giving people the confidence to move forward with an idea, skill or project. There’s nothing to lose by giving it a go. Blue Light Camp will help with that and all those that attend will support those efforts

It’s been a hard slog, but being in a position to sponsor Blue Light Camp makes me feel proud to be part of a movement that has shifted the way things are done and will continue to challenge whilst being respectful of the barriers that we all know can be gradually and purposefully dismantled.

Christine Townsend @ctownsenduk is the Founder and CEO of MusterPoint. She is a Special Constable with Sussex Police and has worked in media handling for a number of police forces and central Government departments.

MusterPoint is offering attendees of BlueLight Camp a three month trial – please contact Christine by email at

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MusterPoint and Blue Light Camp 2015
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