Andrew Fielding wearing BLC2013 tshirtSo 2014 is marching steadily along. At UK GovCamp last weekend (25 January) it was great to see a number of people proudly donning their BlueLightCamp sweatshirts and t-shirts from our 2013 and 2012 events.

While Mark and I were there for our own reasons – Mark to present some discussions and to participate, me to take photos to capture the event as a campmaker and to catch up with friends on our annual pilgrimage (“waves” at @Amyjkhan) – we were often asked about this year’s BlueLightCamp.

In the previous two years we have been fortunate that British APCO has sponsored the venue as BlueLightCamp ties in with their business area and annual event in Manchester. However, this year British APCO has moved the days that its event will take place to Tuesday and Wednesday (1-2 April). BlueLightCamp will represented at the Manchester event this year but only to raise awareness of what we are trying to achieve this year. Our main event – the unconference and hackathon – will be based in a new and exciting location and will be at a later date.

Mark and I have a meeting on the 7 February with our potential 2014 venue sponsors and will let you know as soon as we have a firm venue and date confirmed via our blog and social media.

We are still following the 2013 format of an unconference followed by a hackathon so we are looking for great discussion points for the unconference and interesting ideas for the hackathon.

If you are reading this and would like to help out with the organisation of BlueLightCamp 2014 as a campmaker leading up to the event but also on the days please do get in touch with Mark or myself.

We have already had interest from organisations looking to sponsor BlueLightCamp 2014 which we are following up, but we are always interested in hearing from other sponsors – especially those that can provide seed funding for ideas generated by the hackathon. Again please contact Mark or myself to discuss the sponsorship options.

So finally, a busy few months ahead for BlueLightCamp leading up to event. Look out for future updates about what is happening for us.

See you soon.

Sasha Taylor: @sasha_taylor
Mark Braggins: @markbraggins

Time marches on…. BlueLightCamp 2014
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