British APCO (BAPCO) logoBritish APCO are very proud to be supporting the Blue Light Camp for a second year.

We regard this as an excellent opportunity for colleagues who understand the opportunities provided by modern technology to enhance the quality of life of our communities, enabling individuals to be better informed in an increasingly complex world.

Living through the electronic age creates capabilities to improve communication, visual appreciation, health and wellbeing. At the same time it requires good governance, transparency and accountability in order to ensure that such capability only compliments and does not erode our freedoms in a liberal democracy. This is a very finely tuned balance and one that needs continued exposure to intellectual assessment and debate, nonetheless British APCO recognise that mobile phone ownership is one of the major outcomes of such capability which has brought much richness to our daily lives. We are keen to see how this product can be exploited in order to enhance the safety of our fellow man and also provide opportunities to save lives.

MobileGPSWith this specifically in mind, we wish to challenge BlueLightCamp members to review the GPS capability within the handset and to build an app that would provide critical information about location so as to add value to mission critical incidents. This could include managing volunteers who are involved in searching an area, providing the location of fire fighters in a forest fire, management of persons undertaking a community sentence, safety of health visitors undertaking home visits.

These are but a few ideas, our experience is that having outlined our thoughts members attending the BlueLightCamp will come up with even better outcomes.

Ian Readhead BLC12Submit an idea via BlueLightCamp’s Ideas website if you can not make the event itself:

In furtherance of this activity, we are prepared to offer three prizes of £250, £100 and £50 for the best solutions.

I look forward to seeing you there. Have a great day.

Ian Readhead

(Ian Readhead photo Eventupdates; Mobile GPS photo avlxyz; both from Flickr)

British APCO are very proud to be supporting BlueLightCamp 2013
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