Yesterday’s BlueLightCamp at Manchester Central Convention Complex went very well. That’s not just us saying that but what we’ve read on Twitter, blogs and most importantly, what we’ve heard from those people who came to support us.

It was the first time any of us had organised anything like this so inevitably, there were things that could have been better, things we wouldn’t do again and other things we would do differently. However, we’re very pleased that so many people have benefited from the experience which was for many their first unconference.

We’re still recovering evaluating how things went so bear with us while we gather in all your comments, tweets, blogs, links, videos, photos and other material. We don’t want this to end here and there were several indications from the sessions that there is a need for a place to continue the conversations so we’re working on it. Watch this space during the week for more news. Keep tweeting, blogging and commenting – we want your feedback and everyone is keep to read different perspectives on the sessions they missed.

In this post, we’ve put up the session matrix, a few photos and some links to the early blogs about BlueLightCamp 2012 courtesy of Andy Mabbett’s pinboard.

So many thank-yous; to BAPCO who were so supportive and allowed us access to their event venue and many other resources which would have been out-of-reach to have attempted on our own. To our other sponsors Yammer, Netsight, Jadu, UKGovCamp, CrowdControlHQ, Public-i, Delib and LearningPool. To all those people who joined in with the #tags on Twitter and the live video provided by John Popham. (also on YouTube).  But most of all, many thanks to all of you who came, suggested, shared, discussed, debated and networked – we hope you got out of it all that you were hoping for and some things you weren’t expecting to get! There are so many others too – thank you to you all.

Session Matrix

Discussions pitched and discussed at BLCamp 2012

Discussions pitched and discussed at BLCamp 2012 – click to enlarge

List of discussions pitched – more details, blogs, tweets to follow.

  1. How to warn and inform using Twitter
  2. The art of deception
  3. Archive police film show from 1945
  4. Cookie law
  5. Critical incident simulation
  6. How to embed social media into organisations
  7. Online volunteers for the emergency services
  8. Use of Bambuser for public trust and confidence YouTube
  9. Using social media to reward good and punish bad
  10. Police Crime Commissioners (PCCs) and social media Blog
  11. Co-production between emergency services and the public
  12. Cross border message control
  13. Open licenses for photo content Blog
  14. Controlling the cost of open source
  15. BlueLightWorks
  16. Surrey police social media application and going national YouTube
  17. Creating a network of blue light responders
  18. Internal use of social media by organisations
  19. Use of social media during a crisis – ‘Reading the Riots’ YouTube Report Slides
  20. Yammer and the value of social media
  21. Designing a paramedic bag
  22. Vintage theatre show


BAPCO Live – interview with Sasha and David – April 17, 2012 YouTube
BAPCO Live – video blogs of interesting items from the floor – YouTube Channel – police use of social media Blog
Claire OT’s Blog and Grabchat
NorthernBlethers – blog from afar
John Popham’s YouTube playlist for BlueLightCamp2012 – YouTube
Bristol Uni – detecting mood from Twitter posts – News
Delib blog
BlueLightCamp 2012 – they think it’s all over – it is now

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