Tickets are now available for BlueLightCamp on 6 and 7 June in Birmingham.

Here are 20 reasons to sign up

  1. It’s free.
  2. It will be the best event you’ve ever been to (we really believe this)
  3. It’s on a weekend
  4. It’s in Birmingham (home to Balti, canals and the Saxon Hoard)
  5. It will be packed with people who are passionate about emergency services and emergency response
  6. You will meet them and learn from them
  7. They will meet you and learn from you
  8. You will leave with a new skill (probably)
  9. You will give others a new skill (definitely)
  10. Both days will be fizzing with new ways of thinking about emergency services and emergency response
  11. It’s free
  12. You will see things from a new perspective
  13. You will see technologies you have never seen before
  14. You will join a national movement of people making things happen in public services
  15. You could get something important built
  16. You could help to build something important
  17. You get to decide on the agenda
  18. Ranks and organisations get left at the door
  19. You might get to see a drone (we did last time)
  20. It’s free (did we mention that?)
Twenty reasons to sign up for BlueLightCamp 2015
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