IMG_2043So BlueLightCamp is quickly approaching and things are hotting up for the organisers. We love this, really we do!
We are finalising sponsors at present so that we can sort what we can provide to you over the two day event. Without our wonderful sponsors this event would be difficult to put on as they cover things such as:
  1. Venue Costs (we are at Manchester Central!), 
  2. Wifi so you can connect to the outside world while with us and hopefully use social media to pull others who could not make the event into the discussions
  3. Food and drink without which we could grind to a halt in the afternoon
  4. After event drinks so that we can cement those new networks and celebrate the great new ideas
  5. Tshirts so that you can proudly wear at a future event…well some of us do 😉
  6. Administration costs that help us pull the event together 
Please check out our sponsors page at ( this is actively being updated as more sponsors join us).
It is also with great pleasure that I can announce two lovely people who will be helping us out at the unconference and hackathon by facilitating the event – I would like to say that this gives the organisers a break but actually it just allows us to make sure the event runs smoothly by ensuring that issues are resolved quickly.
Clare WhiteSo for the unconference on Saturday, 27 April I would like to introduce you to Clare White ;
Si WhitehouseAnd for the hackathon on Sunday, 28 April we have Si Whitehouse (
They are both skilled facilitators and are known for their expertise in the fields of social media and open data.
Welcome aboard
Things are hotting up at BlueLightCamp
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