Today has been a very productive Sunday for Blue Light Camp planning. Most of us were up at 7am for a meeting in Rugby…except Paul who was able to stay in bed a bit longer as he was local (convenient!) Why were we all up so early on a Sunday? Because the BlueLightCamp organisers were meeting to put the finishing touches on our event in April. That’s us in the picture, if you hadn’t guessed, left to right, Sasha, Lucy From BAPCO, Paul and David

With our creative/organising heads on we have started to work on sorting out those final details of the event such as the design for the T-shirts, the planning the timings for the day, blog posts we are looking to do leading up to the event, the hash tags and the all important drinks event for campers after the event (thanks to Delib).

Keep an eye on the site for further information around the event and our sponsors as more information is posted over the coming weeks.

The BlueLightCamp organising team are looking forward to facilitating this event and meeting you all on the 15th April.

BlueLightCamp Sunday Planning Session – 26/02/2012
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