The Pitches - Drawnalism, captured in the moment
The Pitches – Drawnalism, captured in the moment

Here’s a taste of the ideas people had:

  • When does open source intelligence get icky? If you look at the UK snowmap it’s a great way of gathering a list local Twitter users. That feels icky. Where’s your ickiness line?
  • West Midlands fire service are developing software to allow 999 callers to lifestream footage from their location to the control centres. They want to make this available to as many first responders as they can.
  • Understanding your customers online journeys. What are the challenges for moving Blue Light service users online?
  • Policing Social Citizens – policing and fire response: how should the leaders in that space adapt to the social web. What can we learn from the riots that we haven’t already, for example?
  • Golden hour mountain rescue
  • Rapid innovation – can you quickly build new ideas out in an hour or so?
The Pitches, captured in the moment
The Pitches, captured in the moment
  • There is a movement in the US, New Zealand and Spain and elsewhere that deploys online volunteers to assist the emergency services. Why can’t we get this going in the UK?
  • Circular IT economy – how do we protect our data? How do we stop killing people with our e-waste? How do we get the people who aren’t online onto the internet at a reasonable cost using old tech?
  • How can we make it easier for deaf people to contact the emergency services?
  • Can we create small scale incident control systems at a reasonable price?
  • Where do people feel safe at a hyperlocal level? Not at a national level – but at the 100 yards level.
  • Drones – opportunity or threat? They can get into spaces other aircraft can’t. Can they get a better image than their military roots? What could the emergency services use them for?
  • Open data – what data do we have access to in the room – and what could we build on that? Most open data is never looked at – how do we change that.
  • Closed data – what data do you have that you don’t want to make public, but which you could innovate off to make your organisation work better?
  • Twitter customer service – some police services are offering customer service over Twitter.
  • Wearables – what’s bad about them? What’s good about them? How can we manage them?
#ukblc14 – The Pitches
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