Drawnalism - captured in the moment
Drawnalism – captured in the moment

Christine – MusterPoint

Three years ago she came to BlueLightCamp for the first time, and was really impressed by the collaborative nature of it. She’s a special constable and passionate about policing. She decided to set up her own social media platform for the emergency services. She has a few clients now, but it’s been a hard two years. She’s had no life, but she’s found it amazing inspirational.

Ellie – Airbus

There’s a part of Airbus focused on public safety – secure comms, mainly. They’ve been in the spaces since the 1980s. She’s been coming to BlueLightCamp since the first year, and is really looking forward to seeing the innovative ideas that emerge.

Emma – Public-i

They’re not here to tell us what they can do, but to hear what the others can do… However, they’ve been inspired by the format and will be running a conference called Policing Social Citizens in June, looking at how the social web effects policing.

Ian – Ordnance Survey

Location is particularly important for emergency services. The OS has a lot of open data now, opened up for about 4 years now. His speciality is in the data and technical realm – and wants to help!

Mark – HampshireHub

An open data store by default, built using linked data. Really interested in connecting people and organisations, and making evidence-based decisions.

Anthony – GossInteractive

They specialising in helping organisation helping their customers move online. They work with the BBC, lots of councils and many police bodies.


(Not here) – a social media monitoring tool.

Sasha – British APCO

Lots of people interested in comms – in the sense of comms tech used by front line services.

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