26th & 27th June – Manchester

This ground-breaking event brings together thought leaders on policing, emergency services, community engagement and the digital era. This is your opportunity to have two days to work with your peers on visioning the future and, within a creative space work on the wicked issues you face.

The event starts with TEDx style talks from:

  • ACC Garry Shewan of Greater Manchester Police
  • Peter O’Reilly – ACFO (Asst County Fire Officer) Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue
  • CC Lynn Owens – Surrey Police
  • DC Olivia Pinkney – Sussex Police
  • Professor John Grieve
  • Professor Simon Holdaway
  • Jane Lewis – Positive Deviance
  • Catherine Howe – Public-i
  • Susan Richie – Mutual Gain

The event then becomes an unconference which will provide a opportunity for you as a leader in your field to bring your knowledge, skills and creativity into play. You can pitch ideas and gather your peers as well as experts from other fields to work that proposal or discussion. We have secured 14 conference makers who are experienced at working in this way to support you through the experience – from pitching ideas, to blogging your sessions and bringing in expertise via social media, and who will support us in creating materials for a national report on Policing Social Citizens which sets out the challenges and the ideas for future emergency service provision.

The event will be live webcast to the internet and all aspects will become part of a digital archive freely available globally to help support move thinking forward. This is your opportunity to contribute to future models and culture of emergency services.

If you would like to attend, it is free, and you can book directly via eventbrite or email emma.daniel@public-i.info – if you can’t come please ensure you email to let us know if you want digital joining instructions to join in from work or home. And, please do let us know about your ideas via blog or email that we have permission to post for you here.
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Invitation to Policing Social Citizens – a future conference
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