Sasha Taylor very diligently registered us a hashtag for BlueLightCamp nice and early, it was intended to be #BLC2012…after registering the hashtag it unfortunately became the one used by a Spanish Literary Bloggers Convention taking place after BlueLightCamp. There were more of them already tweeting using #BLC2012, so we’ve had a rethink and decided that up until the event we will mark tweets #BlueLightCamp.

On the day of the event we’d like everyone to use this Hashtag (or strange variations of involving crocodiles): #BLCamp We will also be labelling each of the rooms in this manner (BLCamp1, BLCamp2 etc) in an attempt to capture as much as we can from each of the sessions from those tweeting.

So to Recap…

Up to the event: #BlueLightCamp

On the Day: BLCamp

Hashtags For #BlueLightCamp
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