We would never say that being on Twitter is a requirement for attending BlueLightCamp, but it certainly does have it’s advantages. For those campers not familiar with Twitter, this post is about how Unconferences and micro-blogging go hand-in-hand.

Many campers have already declared their twitter @names so there will be plenty of tweeting going on during the event. Take a look at the EventBrite page which shows the names of all the people coming along along with twitter names.  If you haven’t tried Twitter yet or perhaps you have an account but haven’t really got to grips with it yet, BlueLightCamp weekend is a great time to try it out.

BlueLightCamp is on twitter @bluelightcamp
Follow us @bluelightcamp

Twitter accounts are free and can be set up in minutes. People use Twitter for all sorts of things these days but at an unconference, it is usually used to post comments on the various discussions going on so that everyone has an opportunity to keep tabs on everything. It is also a great way for those unable to attend in person to join in and make their point remotely. You could tweet us when you’re on your way or as you arrive or to pose questions to the organisers or other campers as the event draws nearer. Remember to us the hashtag #BlueLightCamp as we approach the event and on the day itself, we’ll be using #blcamp.

Example of an unconference room matrix
Example of an unconference room matrix

We’ll be allocating hashtags to each breakout room in the format #blcamp1, #blcamp2, #blcamp3 etc. This, along with the publication of a photo of the discussion board (once it has been completed on the day) will allow everyone to keep track of what is going on.

Perhaps the best guide on how to use Twitter is provided by Twitter themselves in their help centre. Take a look and consider taking the ‘Twitter plunge’.

Twitter help center
Twitter help centre
Getting to know you with Twitter
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