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Over the last month or so Mark and I have been working with British APCO on arranging the 2013 BlueLightCamp event. Early in December, we met in Hampshire to discuss the planning of this year’s event with British APCO president Ian Readhead who again is the founding sponsor of BlueLightCamp.

It was an early start for me, leaving Warwick at 6am so that we had a full day of planning ahead of us. The initial meeting between Mark and myself was to go over some of the technology we are looking to use throughout the BlueLightCamp events and also the British APCO events.
We then met Ian who listened to our current plans and suggestions and brought his own enthusiasm to the table, especially around the Hackathon suggesting many ideas that we hope will be taken up by those attending. After a really productive meeting with Ian, Mark then showed me Winchester and we discussed more over lunch.
In the afternoon, seeing as we had a really positive push from Ian about the Hackathon, we met up with Angus Fox (Multizone) to discuss and share our ideas about this new initiative to BlueLightCamp. Angus provided us with vast amounts of ideas to consider about how to fund the event, to how to engage with people and how to run it. However, the cherry on the cake was when Angus agreed to become part of the organising group for BlueLightCamp, focusing his expertise on the hackathon.
So look out folks in the next few weeks for further information about the event, where to sign up and where to start putting suggested ideas for projects. We are looking for people from the Blue Light services, other public sector organisations, third sector, private sector and public to suggest ideas, come along to the event and help create some great apps/systems.

Currently the organising committee is looking to attract some funding so as to enable the winning idea(s) to be taken forward and created over the following year. If you are an organisation/company that is reading this and you would like to hep by sponsoring the event please contact the organisers (Mark or Sasha).

Gearing up to BlueLightCamp 2013

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