Sponsored by Greater Manchester Police and Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service
Organised by Public-i and Mutual Gain

This national conference will create a strong vision and policing community around the next steps in working with communities as well as innovate prototype projects in real time using technology to enable more expertise to be harnessed. You can read more about the emerging agenda and participate in creating it here – http://policingsocialcitizens.wordpress.com/

Greater Manchester Police have taken the opportunities that combining new technology and community engagement techniques provide to innovate, and are keen to host a conversation about next steps.  To maximise this opportunity Public-i and MutualGain propose to take the best conference techniques and combine them to create an innovative learning space and maximise participation.

The conference will combine formal sessions, TEDx style speeches creating a vision, seminars from field leaders and informal space for participants to create their own sessions in an unconference style. We will webcast the event in order to enable digital participation worldwide. We anticipate attracting 100 delegates to participate directly.

The conference would seek to achieve the following:

  • Bring together thought and practice leaders from policing nationally
  • Bring together thought and practice leaders from community engagement nationally

MutualGain and Public-i bring together on and off line expertise in community engagement to generate a new conversation about innovation in British policing and the wider public sector.   Learning how to bring the face to face qualitative techniques together with the increasingly popular mobilisation tool of social media is a future challenge for leaders of all public services. Recent interactions and incidents involving the use of social media have played an important role to base such a conversation on.  These stories (riots/ missing people/ Boston/ Olympics etc.) provide participants with the emerging learning of digital relationships with the public in a fast growing real time environment.

GMP recently experimented with an in house, frontline capacity building programme of community engagement which generated a body of learning which demonstrated an appetite and energy in communities to actively engage outside of ‘crisis’ situations, especially in areas where engagement is considered challenging.  Working differently with communities to bring the police and public closer together is essential if the costs of crime are to be reduced.

We understand that there is a big appetite for police and engagement leaders at all levels within organisations to get together and develop ideas.  We also believe that there is a need for some leadership to emerge in this space and we would like to create an opportunity for some authoritative voices to emerge.

To book please contact emma.daniel@public-i.info or go to https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/next-steps-policing-social-citizens-2014-tickets-10658262149

Calling Policing Leaders…. Policing Social Citizens conference Invitation: 26th and 27th June in Manchester
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