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#ukblc13 #bluelighthack A weekend @BlueLightCamp proved to be more valuable than I could have first imagined. Besides the awesome inspiration from both organiser and happy ‘bluelight’ camper, there was a wealth of knowledge and skills to be shared and enjoyed!

BlueLightCamp Logo 450px#unconference meant zip to me before this weekend bar, a reason for less organisation haha! How wrong was I? It’s an opportunity to allow the growth and collaboration of like minded individuals, a chance to innovate and create ‘tech-movement’ in fields of their chosen work sector.

Hackathon Sticker#hackathon seriously, what are they talking about now!? Take an idea, tell some people, ask then to develop a proof of concept in a few hours! Voila! Ok, so there’s a bit more involved, but I worked on the UI after we formulated a fluid team. Learning how a new way of collaborative process working can achieve such a great deal in such a short space of time, can be so much fun! The end result being, a prize awarded to our team from the Ordnance Survey prize givers to enable us to develop the app fully as a working model fit for business!!! #Cool

That’s all for now!

Apart from the following:
Thank you to Blue Light Camp for the weekend! Thank you to the sponsors and judges. Thank you to everyone I met at the event on both days and hope to see you all again soon! A final thank you to Sasha Taylor for the fresh ale accompaniment!!

A weekend @BlueLightCamp

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